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Strategic Partners

Better Food Project

IDGB Capital is working with the Better Food Project (BFP) investment firm that is creating a next generation food platform by building a collection of nutritious and healthy food brands and growing them in an ethical manner. We believe nutrition, together with a more active lifestyle, are keys to a long and healthy life. We consult the latest science, not advertising, to determine if a product is healthy.

BFP's management team and board of directors consist of consumer packaged goods industry veterans, including former senior level executives of Kraft Foods, Dreyer's and Nature's Variety. Its long-term plan would be to create a platform that would employ a roll-up M&A strategy of companies in the Better-for-You Food Category that owns complimentary assets and any financial backers may choose to be a part of the platform or only be part of the Grow acquisition.

Acquisition Criteria and Select BFP Food Verticals

  • $5M to $50M in revenues

  • Provides a nutritional or health benefit and strives to use environmentally friendly, natural ingredients: Non-GMO, Organic and not high glycemic

  • Majority ownership with a preference for full buyouts

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