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Advisory Services

Capital Raising

IDGB Capital focuses on guiding the capital raising process of equity & debt or M&A transactions. We create a full eco-system to benefit our portfolio companies and facilitating additional rounds of funding, strategic partnerships and exit strategy.

  • Leading/advising on capital raising process (debt & equity financing)

  • Leading M&A processes

  • Introducing and creating partnerships/JVs with strategic players

  • Assisting into high quality debt providers - commercial banks, mezzanine funds and venture debt

Network Building

IDGB Capital Provides an extremely cost-effective platform for corporations to identify, access and recruit world-class board members from an exclusive community of highly-regarded and credentialed board members, c-suite executives and through leaders.

Our value proposition lies in our ability to integrate with our clients' business strategies while providing highly talented resources capable of delivering best-in-class business results across different functions of the company.

  • Advisory board and board directors recruitment

  • Professional network of experts with extensive hands-on operation expertise

  • Acting as executive strategic coaches

U.S. Partner

IDGB Capital can serve as clients' representative office and represent the company's business and marketing activities in the US.

We also help clients establish their strategic partnerships for their operational, sales, marketing and financing activities.

  • Providing unrivaled access to full-time and part-time key executive candidates, as well as special ad-hoc consultants

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