Merchant Banking

By leveraging our industry and transactional expertise, the IDGB Capital merchant banking team sources opportunities and invests in companies throughout the growth and development stages

Minority Investments

Buyout Transactions​​

IDGB Capital makes strategic investments in companies that tend to meet all or part of the following criteria:

• Successfully active in any of the following sectors: Technology, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Retail and E-commerce

• Experienced and successful management team

• Substantial market traction and near-term path to profitability

• Competitively positioned for future growth and significant value creation

• Addresses real opportunities with significant upside driven by execution

• Disruptively innovative

IDGB Capital is an acquirer of controlling stakes, alone or in partnership with other investment groups, of mature, cash-flow-stable companies that meet the following criteria:

• Transaction size: $5M to $50M in revenues; $1M - $10M EBITDA

• Areas of focus: Technology, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Retail, Consumer Products, Media and Insurance

• Uniquely proven infrastructure with strong innovation capabilities in its market

• Ownership: Majority ownership